Distinctive transportation for all!

We provide distinctive transportation services for all types of people, from children with special needs to seniors. Let us know what you need and we will take you anywhere, anytime, always on time!

AHCCS Certified

We are one of the few transportation services in town, that is AHCCS certified.

48 Hour Notice

We require a 48 hour notice, before we can commit ourselves to pick you up.

Minimum Charge

We are not a taxi! Our minimum charge is $20 for any round-trip appointment.

Are you looking for personalized transportation to any of these?

Doctors appointments, Beauty parlors, Casinos, Shopping, Church, Special events and much more.
We can provide you with a distinctive transportation to any place you would like to go to!

Who we are

Tom Fallon established Arizona Senior Transport in 2002. AZS-Transport operates four fifteen passenger vans and one twelve passenger van. We are an ambulatory service only! We are not wheel chair accessible.

Our main difference is that we will be there on time, and will confirm every appointment with you, by phone the day before your appointment.

We do not run a meter! Our prices are based on a round trip distance and time, and are structured on how far you are going.

The people on our manifest sheet, are our priority! This service is available to all, but seniors need the most help. We are service dog and pet friendly ambulatory service.

Group rates are available!


While we do not run a meter, we cannot say that we are cheaper than cabs. However, we are ACCESS certified, and many times you can use our services at little to no cost.


When you hire us to take you somewhere, we will be committed to you! We confirm every trip in our manifest sheet the day before the trip.


We are always on time and have a spare van on stand-by, to pick up the slack from any vans that may need some help getting our customers where they need to be, on time!